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In response to the pervasive issue of food wastage at events and catering services, our project presents an innovative solution inspired by established food delivery app models. This platform comprises three integral components: allowing food providers to input surplus items, enabling contributors to order and distribute excess food to those in need, and engaging delivery personnel to facilitate the seamless and quality-assured transfer of food. By adopting this novel approach, the project seeks to significantly reduce food wastage, fostering a more sustainable and socially responsible method for repurposing surplus food resources. The integration of familiar app functionalities enhances user accessibility, making it easier for surplus providers, contributors, and delivery personnel to actively participate in this socially conscious initiative. My project serves as a beacon for ethical and sustainable practices in event food management. The platform not only addresses the critical challenge of food wastage but also promotes a collaborative ecosystem that nurtures social responsibility. Through a technologically advanced framework, the project aims to bridge the gap between surplus food and those in need, striving for a harmonious coexistence where culinary abundance is transformed into opportunities for support.

You can download abstract from here

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