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Sports App (Multiple college)


The primary objective of the proposed project is to develop a mobile application using the Flutter framework that will facilitate game matches and tournament hosting. The application aims to create a platform for users to connect and engage with the sports community within the college. This mobile application will provide a means for students who are unfamiliar with each other to establish connections and find suitable game partners, promoting a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition. Additionally, the application will encourage participation in outdoor games and streamline the organization of tournaments.

The application will feature a secure user registration and authentication system to ensure the protection of personal information. Students will be able to utilize the application to locate additional players required for various games. The tournament hosting functionality will allow users to create and manage tournaments, enabling other participants to join as teams. Moreover, the application will include a dedicated section for college sports announcements. Authorized personnel will be responsible for posting updates and relevant information regarding sports matters, while users will have convenient access to these announcements upon logging into the application.

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Technologies Used

Project IDFL003A



  1. Admin
  • ⚽️ Login
  • ⚽️ View Tournaments
  • ⚽️ Approve/Reject Tournaments
  • ⚽️ View Matches
  • ⚽️ Add Announcements
  • ⚽️ View Match Result
  1. Student
  • ⚽️ Login/Signup
  • ⚽️ View Tournament details
  • ⚽️ View Match details
  • ⚽️ View announcements
  • ⚽️ View match result

2.A. Student (Match coordinator)

  • ⚽️ Close match entries
  • ⚽️ Generate match card (Automatic)
  • ⚽️ Assign scores to each team

2.B. Student (Normal student)

  • ⚽️ Join Tournaments as a team
  • ⚽️ Join Matches as a single player