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Unified Medical App


Nowadays it’s really necessary to keep track of your medical history in a safe and secure manner. So, what we used to do was to keep a file for all these prescriptions and reports that the doctor gave. There is always a possibility of losing the record when we store it in this manner and also the person needs to take these medical reports with him when he/she visits a hospital is difficult.

The Unified Medical App is a centralized platform designed to integrate and consolidate health-related information and services into a unified and user-friendly interface. Its purpose is to enhance the accessibility, interoperability, and efficiency of healthcare systems. The app simplifies the patient experience by providing a single portal for accessing health information, medical records, appointment scheduling, and communication with healthcare providers. It facilitates seamless data exchange among different healthcare providers, ensuring the availability of patient data when and where it is needed. The app promotes coordination and collaboration among healthcare professionals, improving care delivery and decision-making. By streamlining administrative tasks and automating processes, it enhances healthcare operations and reduces costs.

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Technologies Used

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  1. User
  • User Authentication: Login and Signup functionalities ensure secure access to the system.
  • Image Upload: Users can upload images of plant leaves for analysis. The system processes these images to detect the presence and type of disease.
  • Disease Classification: The trained model analyzes the uploaded leaf image and classifies them into one of 39 predefined disease categories.
  • Prediction History: Users can view the history of their previous predictions, allowing for tracking and management of plant health over time
  • Remedies and Fertilizers: Based on the detected disease, the system provides users with appropriate remedies and recommended fertilizers to address the issue effectively.