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The Volunteer Connection App is a platform that connects organizations needing volunteers with individuals willing to contribute their time and efforts. The app facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between users and organizations, empowering them to engage in meaningful volunteer activities, donation campaigns, job opportunities, and blood donations. Volunteers can create profiles and search for opportunities matching their interests and skills. Organizations can post volunteer opportunities, job vacancies, and donation requests. Users and organizations can communicate through the app’s messaging feature. Users can find requests for voluntary/professional/financial help from other organizations in their feeds and communicate with those handles using the in-app messaging system. ’help’ is associated with blood donation, voluntary activities like cleaning a public space, sponsoring financially challenged students, etc. Registered organizations like NGOs, Medical organizations, etc., could organize/host/request people’s aid or participation in events or meetups. React Native is used as the front-end developing language, and Firebase is used as the database. The app provides a two-way sign-up, including individual and institutional. The logic and functionalities are written using JavaScript, including handling user interactions, data manipulation, and network requests. JavaScript code runs on a separate background thread called the JS Thread. As Firebase provides realtime database updates, any change made by any of the mentioned logins could be rapidly reflected in the app itself. It also allows for e-mail verification support. The Volunteer Connection App is a valuable tool for individuals and organizations who want to make a difference in their communities. It is a convenient, user-friendly way to connect with others and make a positive impact.

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Technologies Used

FrontendReact Native
Project IDRN001A


  1. User
  • User Authentication: Login and Signup functionalities ensure secure access to the system.
  • Image Upload: Users can upload images of plant leaves for analysis. The system processes these images to detect the presence and type of disease.
  • Disease Classification: The trained model analyzes the uploaded leaf image and classifies them into one of 39 predefined disease categories.
  • Prediction History: Users can view the history of their previous predictions, allowing for tracking and management of plant health over time
  • Remedies and Fertilizers: Based on the detected disease, the system provides users with appropriate remedies and recommended fertilizers to address the issue effectively.